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Oh yes, you read that right! You can actually buy steroids directly from USA. No more of waiting and praying for order to show up.  Our warehouses are based directly in US.


Your health, well-being and success is at the heart of all we do. Unlike many other steroid suppliers we are here to make sure you succeed. We play an integral role in people’s lives, helping those of you affected by genetic barriers which are holding you back from achieving what you deserve.


All products sold to you on this website are manufactured to the highest of standards. We know this because unlike many other steroid suppliers, all steroids for sale on this website are randomly tested on a regular bases. This allows us to make sure we maintain highest of standards our customers have come to expect.

How to Buy Steroids in USA?

This is how easy it is. 3 simple steps that take you around 10 minutes. Thanks to our 10 years of  experience in steroid business and MOSTLY feedback from our customers we made the whole process as easy as possible.  We’re not Amazon as of yet but we’re getting there.


Here are 3 simple steps how to buy steroids from our store:

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Step 1.

Choose products you want to buy. We recommend picking products from 1 warehouse to save on shipping fees and time. Then, checkout and finish your ordering process.

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Step 2.

Paying. We offer several payment methods: credit cards, zelle, paypal, crypto, wise or bank transfer.

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Step 3.

Delivery time baby! Simply relax and wait till your order shows up at your doorstep. If you chose US warehouse, it's going to take only few days!

Will my doctor prescribe me steroids?

Yes, your doctor may well prescribe you with anabolic steroids. However, you will first need to demonstrate that you are experiencing abnormally low levels of testosterone, a condition medically known as Hypogonadism.


If this were to be the case, and your GP thought you to be suffering from Hypogonadism they would put you on a course of H.R.T Hormone Replacement Therapy more specifically T.R.T Testosterone Replacement Therapy.


Testosterone Replacement therapy for Hypogonadism would most commonly consist of a mild (by performance enhancing standards) weekly dose of testosterone, most likely Testosterone Enathate at 250mg. This is all you’re likely receive from your doctor, unless you’re suffering with a condition such as Aids.


You’re definitely not going to get the vast array of anabolic steroids from your GP that you want and need for bodybuilding or powerlifting purposes.

Quality Steroids Coupled With A First Rate Service

It’s fair to say that the majority of people in this world will not understand your desire to take or buy steroids. That’s not because your making a wrong decision. It’s more than likely because they have the wrong outlook on anabolic steroids. Maybe it’s because they have a lack of understanding on what they are and what they actually do. Probably a result of being given incorrect information and being sold on the idea that steroids are a creation of the devil.


However, none of that really matters, because here at Superhuman Pharmaceuticals we understand, accept and appreciate that some times your genetics need a helping hand. We also understand that your want, desire and yearn to push your body through and past these genetic barriers is real.

That’s why we are here, to assist you in pushing past your genetic barriers. We help you do this by having a wide range of genuine anabolic steroids for sale and also a range of hormone related pharmaceutical products, such as growth hormone. Along with having these products for you to buy we also offer free help, advice and guidance to all our customers.


Whatever your goal may be, our goal is to help you achieve it. This is why we have a team of health care professionals whom specialise in anabolic steroids and hormone supplementation. Helping you to achieve and even surpass your goals.

Do you sell legal steroids?

When most people refer to legal steroids they are in fact not actually referring to anabolic steroids but what’s called ‘Pro Hormones’. In the late 1980’s the United States of America made the use and possession of anabolic steroids illegal without a prescription. As a result of this, supplement companies began trying to find new ways of getting similar results to anabolic steroids without needing a prescription. So along came pro-hormones. Pro hormones are very similar in molecular structure to steroids but altered just enough to make them legal to use and possess without a prescription.


The problem with the majority of pro-hormones if not all, is they are orally administered which in its self directly is not a problem. However, the active compounds in pro-hormones alone would be broken down when passing the liver and therefor would have no beneficial effect on your body. This means the active compounds are changed so they are not broken down when passing the liver. This change in structure makes pro-hormones extremely hepatotoxic (damaging to the liver). This means extended use becomes very damaging on the liver and even kidneys, sometimes fatal. The use of genuine anabolic steroids believe it or not is actually far safer than pro hormones.


What most people don’t realise is a lot of countries throughout the world permit the personal use of anabolic steroids. It does though depend on your country of residence. The reason many people think the un-prescribed use of anabolic steroids is illegal is simply because of the bad media coverage anabolic steroids get in the United States.

Can I buy steroids with my credit or debit card?

Yes, you can buy steroids with your credit or debit card. We operate a card payment option through wise’s and zelle payment gateway. Once you have placed your order you will be forwarded all the details to complete your payment. For still customers, we accept Credit Cards directly.


If you prefer you can even complete your payment using direct bank transfer. Just simply select your preferred payment option at the checkout and follow the instructions.